Ring the Bell for Northwood

RTBThe buzz on campus for more than a week has been “Ring the Bell for Northwood.” Everyone has heard the expression and seen the videos (featuring Northwood faculty and alumni) all over their social media feeds, but many students still aren’t sure what it’s all about.

The iconic Victory Bell at Northwood School is rung after significant accomplishments, most notably after an athletic victory and upon graduating. The “Ring the Bell for Northwood” campaign brings to mind the value of the Northwood School experience to its alumni and encourages giving back through volunteerism and philanthropy.

According to Alex Neifer, Northwood’s Director of Advancement, Ring the Bell is a 10-day celebration of Northwood, concluding today with a 24-hour giving day challenge honoring the spirit and generosity of Northwood School’s 5,000 alumni, parents, and friends.

“In honor of this celebration,” said Neifer, “a group of generous alumni, parents, and friends have pledged over $25,000 to match every donation, dollar-for-dollar, during the campaign.” According to the Ring the Bell website, as of yesterday afternoon the event has raised well over $50,000 from donations and matching funds.

On campus, the focus of Ring the Bell for Northwood is a celebration of school spirit and the generosity of alumni, parents and friends. Ring the Bell is in its first year at Northwood, and Neifer expects the event to raise substantial revenue for the Northwood Fund, which supports significant parts of the school’s operating budget, including academics, athletics, financial aid, and faculty salaries.

“Ring the Bell is all about supporting the Northwood experience,” said Mr. Neifer. Today the global Northwood community comes together to support Northwood, and the students will come together to celebrate that generosity.

Click here for more information about Ring the Bell for Northwood.


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