10 Things You Might Not Know About Mr. Dingle

His first name is James but he goes by Jim. Actually, most people at Northwood call him “Dingle.

He has been a coach and teacher at independent schools for over 38 years.

He has taught across the country at prep schools in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Colorado.

He earned “High School Hockey Coach of the Year” in 1992 while teaching at the Kent Denver School in Englewood, Colorado.

He spent one month hiking Mount McKinley (Alaska) in 1994.

He helped re-establish a diving site in Honduras.

Has volunteered in Africa and Nepal. He took care of kids whose parents had AIDS in South Africa and served as a volunteer teacher in Nepal.

In his free time, he likes backpacking, paddle boarding, photography, mountain biking, cooking, traveling, backcountry skiing, and reading.

He normally spends his summers SCUBA diving Mirror Lake, removing debris.

He used to live on a sailboat in the Caribbean called “Mi Casa.”

“My favorite part of this job is being able to learn from the students and interact with them. I also enjoy taking the student to beautiful parts of the world and seeing their reaction to new things,” said Mr. Dingle.



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