After the Seniors Leave


Aidan McCarron ’17

As I walk through the school upon the departure of the seniors, I half  expect to see a tumbleweed roll by like in every classic wild west movie. It is a familiar feeling that I have had before when every team is traveling for the weekend and I am still at school.   This is the feeling that I have now that the senior class has left; however, this feeling won’t be taken away on late Sunday night or Monday morning. The senior class is gone and the only trace of them is the mess that they left in the halls with all of their unwanted stuff.

I have experienced something similar at my old school. However, here it is glaringly obvious when I see a significant amount of empty seats at school meeting and an empty living room during flex time. The school has a quieter feel and less energy than usual throughout the entire day. As I finish out the last few weeks of the school year, it feels like there is a piece missing to the puzzle.

This is also a new experience than back home because the seniors here are completely gone. The closest few are day students who still live in Lake Placid but the rest are at least a long car ride or flight away.  They won’t be back for sometime now, and as I heard many times during graduation, “it’s not a goodbye it’s a see you soon.”

The major difference I notice during the academic day is the empty flex time. It feels like a lot of people actually decided to listen to one of Brody’s lectures to use flex time for extra help or studying. When I was still a student in my previous school, after the academic day came to a close, I  became used to seeing my senior friends at sports or just going over to their house. At Northwood, it’s different as I said before they are completely gone with a long car ride or flight away besides a few day students. So That’s when it really hit me after school on Monday when the  designated sports time rolled around and no trace of the graduating class. So for now, so it seems that the tumbleweed feeling will continue to roll through my mind for these last few weeks of school.


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