Humans of Northwood: Profé Jose Coss

Mr. Jose Coss. Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge.

Profé Jose Coss is the new Head Coach of the U17 soccer team and an instructor in Northwood’s language lab. Coss was Born in San Juan, the capital city of Puerto Rico. Before coming to Northwood, he lived in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico. He lived in Puerto Rico all his life except for one year when he studied abroad.

Coss worked as a lawyer in Caguas, located south of Trujillo Alto. He worked as a public notary. A public notary is the signature of a notary who approves and confirms that any legal document is real. His day job was going around the island and signing mortgages for people who wanted to buy houses. At night, he was a soccer coach, managing Academia Quintana’s first team.

‘’It was a really good experience, the closest thing I have done to managing pro football,” Coss explained. His main interest is football, but he also enjoys bird watching and being out in nature. He feels ‘’balance” in nature. Other than that, football is life for Coach Coss. On the pitch is where he is happiest. He grew up playing the sport in Puerto Rico, and is now a fantastic manager for Northwood’s U17 squad.

About a year ago, Profé brought a team from Puerto Rico to play in a showcase hosted by Black Rock Football Club. At the showcase, he met Coach Jon Moodey, who kept in contact with Profé. Moodey told Coss that he really liked his coaching style and the way he leads. Profé jumped on this opportunity immediately, asking, ‘’What do I need to do to be in a place like this?”

Coss says it wasn’t difficult to leave everything behind in Puerto Rico. ‘’It was the easiest decision of my life. I love Football. I love being on the field, and I love being with the players. I think that I can give them a lot and support them in their journey to become better human beings. It’s an easy decision to come and coach. I feel that where I am most in peace is in the field.”

Coss is optimistic about Northwood’s U17 squad. ‘’I think it’s exciting to have a group of players that can train day in and day out. [The team] is looking good. Once the year finalizes, I think that we will have done a lot.”

He wants the Northwood community to know that he is “a pretty open-minded guy, I like to be of help and of service. My door is always open to deal with any aspect, not only in sports but in school as well.”


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