Celebrating Our Teachers on Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher appreciation week is here! This is an opportunity for students and the community to recognize and honor the dedication of teachers. During Teacher Appreciation Week, schools and communities across the country take time from their regular busy schedule to express their appreciation for teachers in the ways they can.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the teachers in our community that the students of Northwood felt they wanted to recognize. I asked some friends to give shout-outs to some of their favorite teachers. Here’s what they had to say. All of Northwood’s faculty are celebrated in this post.

Thank you, teachers! We appreciate you!

Mr. Timothy Weaver
“Mr. Weaver is a great teacher. He always wants the best for his students and is passionate about teaching. He inspires me to be better, and I enjoy being in his classes. I’m grateful to be his student.”
-Mitchell Baker ’25

Mr. Benjamin LeBlanc
“Mr. LeBlanc has really been a great teacher this year. He helps us learn but also loves our silliness. A fun teacher and also a great person to have help you. It’s been a great year having him teach us, and we look forward to having fun with him in class next year.”
-Koah Paye ‘25 and Sachiel Ming ‘24

Mr. Komar Martinez-Paiz
“I’ve always felt like I can go up to him to ask questions whenever I’m struggling in class. Even though he’s new, he’s very close with the students and creates a good learning environment.”
– Leo Doyle ’25

Ms. Jill walker
“Ms. Walker always brings great energy to the class and provides an amazing learning environment for all students. I always miss class because of skiing, and she always gives me extra time to make up tests and extra work.”
– Sam Rudy ’24

Mr. Aaron Garvey
“Mr. Garvey has made my experience at Northwood so much Better. We have good relationship. He always opens the door to the gym in the morning for us and brings a lot of positivity and laughter to my morning.”
– Cole Bauman ’23


 Noel Carmichael
“Ms. Carmichael keeps the classroom attitude at a good level because she has the right amount of strictness to keep us on track and makes the classroom enjoyable with her humor and fun persona.”
– Hamish Riddell ’26

Mr. Michael Aldridge

Ms. Sandra Baker

 Mr. Brantley Beach

Mr. Tommy Biesemeyer

Ms. Jody Borzilleri

Ms. Teresa Brady

Mr. Tom Broderick

Ms. Kelly Carter

Mr. Andy Donatello

Mr. Trent Durocher

Mr. Bob Emery

Ms. Marcy Fagan

Ms. Andrea Farrell

Mr. Justin Felhaber ’14

Ms. Stephanie Gates

Ms. Raychel Germaine

Mr. Trevor Gilligan ’03

Mr. Jim Grant   

Ms. Elliotte Yookyung Lee

Ms. Marge Maher

Mr. Mike Maher 

Ms. Mandi Maiore 

Mr. Steve Mallaro ‘06

Ms. Elenor Mandigo

Mr. Jeff Martin  

Ms. Systke Martin 

Mr. Kelvin Martinez

Mr. David McCauley

Mr. Jeff Miller  

Mr. Jon Moodey      

Mr. Mark Morris ’78

Mr. Bobby O’Connor

Ms. Heather Odell

Ms. Stacy McCoy Prime

Ms. Kim Ratkos-Stanton  

Mr. Steve Reed

Mr. Gino Riffle 

Ms. Leigh Riffle

Ms. Caroline Roy

Mr. Matt Roy

Mr. Howard Runyon 

Mr. Simon Shergold 

Mr. John Spear ’88

Mr. Adam Stewart

Ms. Ingrid Van Slyke

Ms. Carrie Wardlaw

Ms. Lisa Wint

Ms. Tara Wright 

Ms. Carrie Donatello

Ms. Nadine Hathaway 

Ms. Annie Edwards



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