May is Mental Health Awareness Month

It is now May at Northwood, meaning we finish the school year this month. It is also Mental health awareness month, established in 1949 to increase awareness and emphasize the importance of mental health in American’s lives. Mental health in society has always had a stigma, but we hope to break down that barrier here at Northwood.

The Mirror spoke to Nurse Judy, who shared five tips for students to protect their mental health this month as Aps and finals approach.

  1. Sleep is essential. A good night’s rest is critical. Rather than cram all night, set a schedule for studying and then get a good night’s sleep.
  2. Get some exercise, take a break, go outside, and enjoy the weather. That will do wonders for your mental health. If you can or have time, take a walk around Mirror Lake.
  3. Confide in someone. Tell your feelings and thoughts to a close friend or trusted adult. Talk to your teachers or upper-classmen.
  4. Don’t overthink the tests. They are not the end of the world. You’ll be fine.
  5. Finally, eat well. Your brain needs food to function; like any other part of your health, diet is linked to your mental health.

School Psychologist Ms. Tara Wright specializes in mental health. “Mental health is equally important to physical health,” Wright told the Mirror. “Being aware of your own feelings and focusing on well-being will positively affect all areas of your life,” she added.


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