Ring the Bell Sees Boost in Participation

Mirror staff writer Maisie Crane ’23 caught up with Mr. Thomas Broderick, director of the Northwood Fund, to recap the 2023 Ring the Bell campaign.


The Mirror: How did the day go for you?

Mr. Broderick: The day was wonderful. For me, it was an opportunity to highlight all that happens at Northwood. The live video “look-ins” were fun to participate in and watch. So, while it was a hectic day, it affirmed our mission.

How important is the annual fund?

The annual fund, which we call the Northwood Fund, is a critical component of Northwood’s viability as an institution. On the one hand, the money raised for the Northwood Fund directly impacts every program we run to give our students the best educational experience we can provide. The Northwood Fund is also a barometer of our health as a school. The more alums/families participating in the Northwood Fund, the stronger the institution is. It demonstrates that our constituents care deeply about their school and are invested in making the school a priority of their philanthropic efforts.

How many new donors did Ring the Bell generate?

Last year we had 262 alumni, parents, grandparents, students, faculty, and friends of the school participate in Ring the Bell. This year we had 418 donors participate, an increase of 156 new donors (59%). Given that we wanted to get 400 donors, we feel that the day was successful. We also raised over $436,000 on the day.

What did you learn from this year’s Ring the Bell?

Ring the Bell affirmed that Northwood School is fortunate to have such a dedicated philanthropic base of alumni, parents, grandparents, students, faculty, and friends of the school. It gives me hope that we can continue to bring our past alumni into the fold so that they can be proud of their school and invest in the future of our students.


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