Students, Staff Volunteered at World University Games

Maegan Byrne ’24 and Nori Fitzsimmons ’24 present the medals at a medal ceremony at a FISU World University Games Nordic event at Mt. Van Hoevenberg.

During the extended Christmas break, Northwood offered a LEAP course to volunteer in the FISU games. Five students volunteered: Nora Fitzsimmons ’24, Maegan Byrne ’24, Morgan Smith ’24, Griffin Beam ’25, and JT Wint ’25. Three staff, Mrs. Wright, Mr. Shergold, and Mrs. Wint, helped volunteer during the games and coordinated for students.

Northwood was given the opportunity to be a host for the ceremonies. Some of the group carried the trays with medals and mascots, while others were athletes’ hosts or flag raisers. “It was a great experience to put yourself out there in front of all the cameras. It was interesting because a lot of volunteers were less visible, and the students got to go out there and represent the community and FISU,” Mrs. Tara Wright said.

The students were allowed to choose which days they wanted to volunteer and where they wanted to volunteer. Maegan, Nori, JT, and Mrs. Wint volunteered at Mt. Van Ho.

Nori and Maegan were mainly in charge of carrying the trays that had mascots and medals. They were able to meet athletes from all over the world and get out of their comfort zone by being recorded for television.

JT helped as an athlete or presenter host. He would give guidance to the athletes or guest presenters and direct them through the ceremony.

Griffin Beam ’25 presents medals at the ski jumps during the FISU World University Games.

Mrs. Wint raised the flags for multiple Nordic events. “I wanted to support the community and athletes. I never got to go to the 80’s Olympics, so it was cool to experience something similar,” Mrs. Wint remarked. She was also very proud that out of the three gold medals won by the U.S. in Nordic, she was the one to raise all three flags for the ceremonies.

Morgan volunteered for FISU as one of the mascots for the games. Morgan wore a Mac the Moose costume to all the venues to take pictures with athletes and spectators and promote the games. Morgan worked the whole two weeks of the games but also helped do work before and after. Before the games, Morgan went to Rockefeller to skate as Mac the Moose and help promote the games. She also met the governor as well as Miss America. Morgan describes her experience: “It was a lot of fun, stressful at times, but in the end, it was enjoyable.”

Northwood was given a lot of responsibility during the games; everyone acted maturely and did a great job. It was a great experience for the people involved and helped FISU and the community.


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