Dorm Tour: Junior Happi ‘23

Welcome to Junior Happi’s dorm room. Junior Happi ‘23 is a senior at Northwood from Zimbabwe. He is fluent in French and English and is the striker for the Boys U20 Soccer team. Junior Happi boasts a single room on the first floor of Bergamini and is one of its Residential Assistants.

This spacious single [technically, it’s double, but he has it to himself – a perk of being an R.A.] is enough room for Junior to make himself at home and incorporate his creative touch on things. “I have made this into a second home,” remarks Junior.

This is a central piece of Junior’s room; each item is a piece from home. He has a Zimbabwe flag and a Cameroon flag because those are his two nationalities. “This hat [in the center] was given to me by my grandfather.” The two scarves are of Manchester United and Barcelona, his two favorite childhood soccer clubs. “I have this work ID because I worked at the FISU World Games.” Finally, “This key was given to me by my father.”

“Religion is a big part of my life.” Junior saves room for his religious items: “I have rosary beads, my prayer book, and the Bible.”

“Each item represents a part of my life in America; the boxing gloves are what I’ve used ever since I was a kid, and I love boxing. The groundhog was a gift because I found out my birthday is on Groundhog Day. The pumpkin was a gift from Henry’s aunt, who I often stay with during the breaks. The protein powder is obvious, and the plant and banner represent home. This is one of the most important parts of the room,” Junior expresses.

Music is a big part of Junior’s lifestyle—he is always on AUX. Whether in the gym, on the field, or just chilling in the room, he is constantly listening to something.

Junior has an extensive shoe collection consisting of mainly soccer cleats, but he is covered for any occasion. “I do not know how it got this big, but here we are.”

Junior uses these bistro lights to create a homey vibe in his room, and I can attest firsthand—it is nice. Junior agrees, saying “It’s everything I need.”



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