Humans of Northwood: Jordan Shullenberger ’23

“I started playing soccer when my parents signed up for the rec league when I was five. I wasn’t very good. I was kind of small and skinny. I kept playing rec through the years. I started to really like it, so my parents signed up for a club when I was maybe eight or nine. It was called Capital Soccer, and then I played Capital until freshman year when I switched to Far Post Soccer Club and my high school team. This year, the fall season ended, and at the end of the semester, I decided to transfer. Soccer at Northwood is better, and the exposure is better, and it’s just a better environment.

“Northwood feels like more of a community in that I’m seeing the same people every day, spending a lot of time with the same people, and getting closer to people around me. At my old school, it felt like I didn’t know anyone besides my friends and the people in my grade and the grade below me.

“I want to play college soccer, and I also want to improve my grades and get better socially, come out of my shell a little because I’m not the most talkative person, just developing socially, physically, academically, and mentally.

“I’m very close with my family, and only seeing them every other week is tough. I am just developing self-reliance. Not depending on my parents so much to do things for me…it’s kind of like the push into the real world.”

As told to Cedric Lemaire ’24. Photo provided.


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