New Ski/Maintenance Building on Campus  

Recently Northwood has begun some construction between the Hanke Ski Building and the bus garages. During the first week of October, a construction crew began clearing the land to make room for a new building that will house the alpine ski teams’ Wintersteiger ski tuning machine and the Facilities Team’s maintenance shop.  

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Last year, Northwood received donations to purchase the Wintersteiger Jupiter machine. This machine efficiently preps skis while saving money and trips to have them done at tuning shops. The machine was originally installed and still sits in the old bus and girls’ hockey storage shed.  

The new building is right next door to the Hanke Ski Building, making tuning equipment more convenient and efficient for the athletes. 

The skier side of the building will be separated into three rooms; there will be a secure chamber where athletes can store skis safely when dropping them off or picking them up. There will be a waxing room where ski tech Brantly Beach will be able to wax and brush skis. And finally, there will be a room that houses the Wintersteiger Jupiter machine.  

The rest of the 1500-square-foot building will be used to house some maintenance tools and supplies. Originally, the building was estimated to finish around April, but school administrators now expect it to be done well before that. “We are hoping it will be ready for use after the FISU games,” Mr. Thomas Broderick said.   


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