Much Anticipation for Spooky Spirit Week

On Halloween week, Northwood will have its annual Spooky Spirit Week, which allows Northwood students to express themselves in a scary comedic fashion. Students have the opportunity to escape the dress code and instead wear Halloween-themed outfits.

Each day of the week will have a different theme starting with a generic Halloween costume theme. The following day becomes more exciting moving to the new “Adam Sandler Day.” Participants will get to wear extremely baggy clothes just like Sandler. This is a new addition to Spooky Spirit week that students love.

Head’s Council Member Turner Jackson ‘23 is enthusiastic about Adam Sandler Day. “I cannot wait for it. I have some clothes in the locker that I cannot wait to pull out. You will have to wait and see on Tuesday what I wear. I do not want to hype it up too much, but everyone will be amazed,” Jackson enthused.

After the exciting Adam Sandler Day, there will be a “Dress as the Elders Day” which will be interesting to see what students and faculty bring to the table. A perfect way to finish off the week is “Twin Day.” The idea behind Twin Day was to allow students to collaborate with their friends and be creative.

Enthusiasm for Spooky Spirit Week has waned in recent years; however, this year the Head’s Council is dedicated to publicizing the event. “We want a strong community that participates in school activities,” said Head’s Council member Abby Sinclair ’23. “This year we are really determined to make this event more successful. The Heads Council has been working hard to ensure the success of this event by meeting several times a week,” Sinclair said. “They have decided to make theme outfits more accessible for students so more students can take part in the event,” she added. It is important for students to not feel self-conscious when dressing up and instead take the opportunity to be creative and enjoy themselves.

On Monday, after an amusing school day, there will be a party held at the indoor turf led by special guest D.J. Crisp. Jackson said “D.J. Crisp is making a guest appearance. He has appeared at several smaller parties, but this will be his breakout event. I cannot wait to have him work the Halloween party.”

Study hall is canceled on Monday, which will enhance the popularity of the party. Despite the cancelation of study hall, students should still be cautious of their schoolwork and should make sure they stay on top of their work.

The Spooky Spirit Week this year will be epic. Northwood encourages all students to take part in the events hosted because this is a perfect opportunity to express yourself. Students who decide not to take part in the event must wear dress code attire. The week will be a superb week at Northwood, so make sure you attend the party on Monday, and you maintain an optimistic mindset all week.


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