Prep Hockey Team on a Roll

Hockey action at the Olympic Center in October 2022 (Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge).

It is safe to say that the Prep Team has had a strong start to the season. Despite a few losses, the team has been able to pull together a great record so far and looks to continue it in the coming weeks. Coming off the last two weeks with five wins, the boys have been able to go a stunning nine games straight without a loss. This is an impressive streak, and the team is still not satisfied. Let’s look back at the last two weekends that helped create the streak, the first at home and the second back in Salem, NH.

During Family Weekend, the Huskies had two games to complete against Stanstead College. The team was anxious to go on the short break, but they couldn’t do it without putting in the work against Stanstead. The team went into the Thursday game confidently after their showcase wins at South Kent. The squad got some quick, early goals and, although Stanstead was able to bury a goal, there was not much pushback in the 6-1 Husky win.

The Friday game was not much different, but Stanstead certainly came back with more push because they were able to make it close until the boys pulled together 4 goals. Taking another win, 4-1. Two good wins before going on a well-deserved Family Weekend break.

After the short break, the boys prepared for yet another trip to Salem, New Hampshire. While there, they played two familiar opponents, NEPFL and Top Gun. These games didn’t provide much competition for the Huskies and James Schneid ‘23, a key contributor to the team, was able to get a hat trick against Top Gun. That’s an impressive showing for Schneid and the rest of the team in the 4-0 win.

The most anticipated game for the weekend was against the top 10-ranked Central Mass. This team had a lot of skill, and they provided the most pushback that the team has gone against in recent games. It was a battle for the Huskies because it was their second game within 2-hours, no doubt giving the team a bit of adversity to fight through. Although it was close, the boys were able to pull out a well-deserved 2-1 win.

Before heading back to school, the team was able to pull out a 6-1 win against NEPFL, extending the win streak to 9 straight.

Despite these wins Coach Morris always tells the team to “respect all opponents, even the ones that don’t give as much pushback.” By saying this he is instilling the “Northwood identity” he wants the team to have. Morris wants the team to be known as one that is hard to play against and never gives up. The team hopes to continue to build this identity going into a PHC league weekend against a skilled South Kent team.

We wish the Boys luck in continuing to build to their potential and in continuing their win streak. Go Huskies!


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