Restaurant Review: Dancing Bears 

Amongst the many restaurants in town, Dancing Bears is my favorite place to eat. Dancing Bears is an American restaurant that is famous for its exquisite burgers. The restaurant has been a go-to spot for students at Northwood for over 40 years. The beautiful view of the lake is a major bonus alongside the spectacular service. Dancing Bears is the perfect place to spend a Friday night after a long week at school. The restaurant offers several different meals: chicken wings, burgers, fries, calamari, salads, and many more.  

The best meal at Dancing Bears, in my opinion, are the dry-rub wings or the classic burger. The wings at Dancing Bears are crisp and flavorful. The ranch sauce is also a fantastic addition to the wings—a nice, tangy taste which complements the sweet dry-rub chicken. The wings are served with a side of celery which is a great pallet cleanser to snack on while demolishing the wings. My other recommendation is the classic burger. The classic burger is a great option because it is quite a filling meal and is served with some tasty fries. It is a basic burger with all the basic burger ingredients which taste extremely natural because none of the ingredients are processed.  

The only issue with Dancing Bears is that it is quite expensive. A classic burger and the dry rub wings are 16 dollars without tip. For a high school student, the food is expensive but manageable. A meal for one person usually costs around 20 dollars. The service at Dancing Bears in very good though. The waiters are always ready to take your order, and they are also very nice people who make the Dancing Bears experience excellent.  

Sophomore Sachiel Ming is a regular diner at Dancing Bears. “It is amazing. The best French fries I’ve had since I’ve been at this school,” said Ming. “The chicken is also out of this world. There is great hospitality at Dancing Bears which always makes me want to come back,” he added. 

Overall, I think Dancing Bears is an excellent place to eat. It is my favorite restaurant in town because of the delicious food and the fantastic view of the lake. Dancing Bears is a great place to go to with your mates on a weekend. It is also the closest restaurant to walk to from school which is a bonus. I think Dancing Bears is a solid 8/10 and I truly recommend it. 


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