Catching Up with Carson Hall ‘22 

Here at Northwood School, a lot of students wonder about the lives of alumni who have moved on into the life of college. This week, I wanted to share about the life of a student that was at Northwood for 4 years and has since moved onto Hamilton University. His name is Carson Hall.  

Carson has continued to excel in the classroom and on the ice playing for Hamilton’s Division 3 Team. As I spoke with Carson, I was interested in hearing the specifics of life at Hamilton. Carson elaborated with me about how he was able to adjust from a small campus like Northwood to Hamilton. Carson stressed the importance of finding something that keeps you on track, something to structure your life around. “School, hockey, and family” was the center of what he used to excel. He said the key to his success so far was “creating a routine that compartmentalized [his] priorities.”  

As all of us complain about the study hall hours that we are subjected to every night, Carson was happy to say how much he felt it positively impacted his transition to the bigger workload of Hamilton. “Northwood sets you up for success… the regimented lifestyle has allowed me to hit the ground running in college.” For all the students not happy about being in study hall, it is great to hear about its benefit from someone that has lived through it. Nothing is better than seeing the work done at Northwood come to fruition like it has with Carson, both academically and athletically.  

Speaking of athletics, I really wanted to hear how hockey has been for Carson, given he had such an impact on the Northwood team. When asked about hockey, Carson was quick to give credit to the Northwood hockey team for helping prepare him for college hockey. “I would not have the opportunity to play college hockey if it wasn’t for Northwood’s program and incredible coaching staff.” That’s a huge compliment to Northwood and a huge encouragement for hockey players coming through the school. I loved hearing the enthusiasm Carson had for the year ahead and the building of his new “family,” as he put it.  

Carson was at Northwood for 4 years, a feat that not many of us can say we have done. He has put countless hours of work into not only academics, but also into the pursuit of his athletic dreams. For those who haven’t had the honor of meeting him in person, he is someone that is a model of Northwood’s values and someone that we can all look up to. Nothing makes the Northwood community happier than seeing a person like Carson transition smoothly into his life beyond Northwood.  

When speaking with Carson a few phrases resonated with me. He said “It is important to have fun. However, it is equally if not more important to stay focused on your goals and aspirations. To work at them every day. To choose success instead of waiting for it to come around.” I hope that inspires the Northwood community like it did me, because that is something that all of us should take to heart and live by. I hope to continue to explore the lives of recent graduates and I hope you all enjoyed Catching up with Carson Hall.  


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