Prom Set for May 19th with “Midnight Garden” Theme 

Midnight GardenStudents are extremely optimistic about this year’s prom, which will be the last social activity for the 2022 graduates. This year’s Northwood Prom theme is “Midnight Garden.” 

Prom is an opportunity for students to make memories they will remember for the rest of their lives; it also gives students something to look forward to after a long, stressful year at school.   

“I am really looking forward to this year’s prom, as a 2022 graduate this is a significant event for me and other 2022 graduates,” Aristide Gry ‘22 said. “I am optimistic about the prom theme; I think the prom committee chose very wisely this year and made a good decision choosing Midnight Garden.” 

The Northwood Prom committee chose “Midnight Garden” because they wanted the same feel as last year’s “Enchanted Garden,” but this year they wanted to step it up a notch. Students can use endless creativity to choose what they’re going to wear. Midnight Garden is also a very calm, creative vibe that lets students enjoy their big night and allows them to have some fun.   

Student activities coordinator Ms. Carrie Donatello, one of the organizers for the prom this year, shared some details of the event: “The prom will take place on Thursday, May 19th, a day before senior dinner. The prom will begin at approximately 7:00 p.m. and will be held on campus under the same giant tent used for senior dinner and graduation. Guests from outside of Northwood are welcome to join us this year,” Ms. Donatello, added, and “it will cost $70 per student.” The food offerings will be different this year. “There will be two food trucks, so there will be a variety of options for students to choose from,” said Mrs. Donatello. There will also be a pre-prom reception in the living room and a dessert table at the end of prom. 

Because the event is mostly outside and COVID-19 community levels are not high, the school will not require proof of a COVID-19 vaccination or proof of a negative test. “We hope the whole school will participate,” said Donatello, “it will be like a formal party.” 

Start preparing your outfit for this year’s prom on May 19th. Remember, the theme is “Midnight Garden,” so dress appropriately. Northwood encourages all students to attend promit will be a night to remember. 


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