Arts Showcase Declared “Fantastic!”

Kendin Basden ’22 performing at the Northwood Arts Showcase on April 27 at LPCA.

The Arts Showcase was last week on Wednesday, April 27th. Students from Northwood and other schools came together to put on a fantastic show for the Northwood community.

Students sang, played instruments, danced, and showed their paintings, drawings, illustrations and other visual arts.

Students worked for hours to be ready for this huge performance. Ms. Carmichael and Mr. Stewart organized the performance and played a huge role in the success of the show, which took place at the LCPA which allowed more students and family to come watch the show. 

Cedric Lemaire ’24 was extremely impressed with the talent displayed at the show. “It was fantastic. I didn’t know so many students at Northwood were that talented. The most enjoyable performance of the show in my opinion was Kiet. All performances were amazing, but when Kiet sang ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ by Frank Sinatra I went crazy! His singing was fantastic and had everyone in awe. Overall, I had a fantastic night, I look forward to the next Arts Showcase.” 

“Over 25 students, including skiers, dancers, soccer and hockey players came together to share their songs, dance moves, and artwork with the Northwood community,” said co-producer and music teacher Mr. Stewart. “While doing a production less than 48 hours removed from vacation is less than ideal, our amazing performers worked incredibly hard and put on quite a show! I thought we had moments of triumph, moments of resilience, and moments of joy, and that’s all you can ask for out of any performance. I’m so proud of all the work our students continue to do to help make both the visual and performing arts a vibrant part of their Northwood experience,” Stewart added. 

The Arts Showcase was brilliant. I was lucky enough to participate in the show and had so much fun preparing for the performance and performing. Northwood encourages all students to try new things and to challenge themselves. This Arts Performance provided an opportunity for experienced artists to display their skill and provided an opportunity for new artists to learn and perform. The Arts Showcase this trimester was fantastic, the Northwood community can’t wait for the next show. 

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