Humans of Northwood: Karleigh Hollister ’22 

“I’m originally from Old Forge, New York, but I live in Lake Placid during the academic year. I came to Northwood to ski race and to better my education from my prior school. I live in Lake Placid and it’s easy to commute, even on snowy days. It’s not too unsafe or too far to drive. I love the friendships we all have on the ski team, and the traveling to all these beautiful places like Austria and Colorado along with our races in New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont. Skiing is an individual sport, so it gives each skier great opportunities to develop skills. We also get to ski in Colorado in November when we’re still waiting for the first snow in the East. I love traveling for the experience of seeing another country and just to have some great training. My plans include going to college, possibly at Castleton University. I plan to major in business as well and racing for the ski team.”

As told to Angelica Gonzalez ’22. Photo by Michael Aldridge 


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