Humans of Northwood: Zachary Ellsworth ‘20 

I don’t seem redneck, but I work in the woods all summer with steel toe boots and listen to country music 24/7. That’s something that makes me unlike most Northwood students.  I’m from Saranac Lake, NY, which is just up the road from Northwood School. I went to Saranac Lake High School my freshman year. But I decided to go to Northwood for the rest of my high school years because of the hockey program. I knew the program would help me further my hockey career. The biggest difference I noticed between the two schools is the overall student population and the class sizes. Another difference is that Northwood is a very tight-knit community, which is something I’m glad to be part of. Even though I’m a day student, the things I still miss the most when I’m at school are my childhood friends and sports.  Something I don’t like about Northwood is the way my final year ended abruptly because of the coronavirus. I also dislike some of the rules that treated me and other seniors a bit like children in a way. I’ll never forget my senior year at Northwood because of how crazy it’s been and how good it was up until this point.  After graduating from Northwood, I’ll be attending the University of Southern Maine, where I’ll be furthering my golf and hockey careers. I’ll also be studying business and sports management while I’m there.

– As told to Luke French ’20


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