Humans of Northwood: Will Rosen ‘20 

For the majority of the school year, I carried a water jug around with me at all times to stay hydrated. I became so enamored with this water jug that I named her Joyce. Joyce the Jug. Joyce and I did everything together, and she became a hot topic around campus. My peers’ curiosity soon turned to some unwanted suspicion about the nature of Joyce and what she represented. To me, Joyce was much more than a friend and just a little bit less than a wife. Through all my highs and lows, she was always there when I needed to quench my thirst. I’m from Washington, D.C. Before Northwood, I went to an all-boys Jesuit school in D.C., so it was very different in a lot of ways. I decided to go to Northwood because I was looking for a place that had a good balance of strong academics and competitive hockey. Throughout my one year at Northwood, I found myself having one of the best experiences at school. Northwood is definitely a close-knit community, and I found that especially true with the hockey team. Being away from home, I missed my two dogs the most. I wish the food at Northwood was better, though. Maybe a little more consistency with the quality of the food.  After Northwood, I plan to play college hockey at the best place possible for me. I hope to pursue a career in physical therapy. From my time at Northwood, I’ll never forget the relationships I made with both students and faculty.

– As told to Luke French ’20


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