Humans of Northwood: Nate Boak ‘20

Wearing underwear is something that I rarely do. I’m from Canton, NY, just a couple of hours away from Northwood. Being at Northwood for four years has changed me from a young boy into a young man, and the transition been great. When I’m away for so long, I miss my friends and family back home the most. Something that I really struggled with at Northwood was the food. I also think the student lounge sucks. If there is a better place where all the students could hang out, it would bring everybody more together. Even though this is my senior year and the school year is almost over, I’m not really sure what I want to do after I’m done with high school. But one thing’s for sure — I’ll never forget the memories and friendships I made at Northwood.

– As told to Luke French ’20


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