Humans of Northwood: Elias Fleischman

I am one of the few “four-year survivors” at The Wood, I came to Northwood mainly for the high hockey program, but along with that came high academics and a lot of life-long relationships and friendships. Traveling not too far away from home in South Burlington, Vermont, to get the opportunity of an unforgettable experience, where the people that made it so special.

There were differences between Northwood and my previous school. My old school was a lot bigger than Northwood, about five times the size and it wasn’t a boarding school so the community wasn’t as tight-knit. I know I made the right move to attend Northwood.  The very long, cold, and dark winter is the thing I dislike about Northwood, but apart from that, it has been a special high school career and a time that I will never forget.

Spending four years of my life at Northwood, I found that when you’re at Northwood you’re schedule is so busy from school to co-curriculars to study hall and meals that you don’t get much downtime. When I’m at school I tend to miss the ability to make my own schedule and sort of relaxing at home.

Throughout my time I have created friendships and made memories that will last, but the thing I will never forget about Northwood is the last night with the boys after we were told to start packing to go home due to the pandemic. All of our brains were pretty scattered that night but it’s still one of those nights I’ll never forget. The boys are what I am going to miss the most.

– As told to Aimee Headland ‘20


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