Humans of Northwood: Daniel Colabufo ‘20

Underwear is not designed to be worn as a hat, but one day during my preschool years I thought differently. I was upset and decided to take my underwear off and put them on my head like a hat for the rest of the day. My name is Daniel Colabufo, and I’m senior from Camillus, New York.

For me, I liked pretty much everything about Northwood, although study hall could sometimes be a grind. I see why it’s necessary, though. Apart from that, I loved every moment of the past three years. My experience has been great. I’ve had the ability to grow my game on the ice, and I have also have had the opportunity to meet so many new people and build friendships and relationships that will last a lifetime. The memories and experiences Northwood has given me are unforgettable, from lessons learned from Coach Cassidy and my teachers, especially Reno, to being a part of the team that made school history by winning the First State Championships.

Deciding to attend Northwood was a tough decision for me because many factors came into play, but I wouldn’t have changed my choice because of all the positives that came with it. My decision was dependent on the hockey program and the academics. I felt I would develop the most on the ice and in the classroom if I chose Northwood. Also, I could see myself at Northwood before I enrolled, it checked all the boxes I was looking for.  However, leaving my family and friends behind was one of the toughest parts for my family and me. I do miss them the most, but fortunately, I am very lucky because my parents usually take the trip to come and watch me play most weekends which is very nice because I get to see them more than many of my teammates.

West Genesee High School, my old high school which I very much enjoyed, and Northwood are two different schools. The major difference between Northwood and West Genesee High School is the class size. Because the class size is so much smaller and most teachers even live on campus at Northwood you tend to develop more meaningful relationships with your teachers.  Overall, you spend more time with your teachers and classmates.

All of the memories and experiences made during my years at Northwood are moments that will carry with me through my life after I graduate. I am going to be playing a year of Junior hockey in the AJHL for the Bonnyville Pontiacs and then will be attending The College of the Holy Cross to play college hockey.

– As told to Aimee Headland ‘20


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