Mr. Weaver’s Thirty Years with the Loppet Race 


Mr. Weaver out for a ski with friends in 2018 (Photo: Peter Fish).

Math and science teacher Mr. Tim Weaver, whom students call Weaves, has competed in the Lake Placid Loppet since 1990. The Loppet is a cross country skiing marathon in which competitors use skate skis or classic cross country skis and ski on trails with lots of ups and downs. The race has two distances, 25 km and 50 km.

Weaver usually skis the 25 km distance, but he has competed in the 50 km race three times in the 1990s. “Whenever I race, my goal is to be in the top five in my age category. There are always lots of fast endurance athletes in this race, so it’s a difficult challenge,” said Mr. Weaver. He has been pretty happy with his placements in past races. In the 25 km races, he typically takes an hour and 45 minutes. He cherishes the memories he made, especially when a few Northwood students competed in the Loppet together several years back.

This year, Mr. Weaver was unable to participate in the Lake Placid Loppet and Nordic Festival, scheduled for March 14, because it was canceled due to Mt. Van Hoevenberg’s poor trail conditions and expected weather forecast. Although disappointed, Mr. Weaver is excited to compete in a marathon in Colorado this summer and in the 2021 Lake Placid Loppet.


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