School Set to Start Second of Four Academic Schedules this Year

Northwood already has three separate academic schedules this year: one each for fall, winter, and spring. As if these weren’t enough, we are about to add another one.


The first of two winter schedules — to be in effect after Thanksgiving and before the Innovation Hub opens — has afternoon classes and 5 minutes of passing time between classes.

Initially, the construction of Northwood on Main, or the Innovation Hub, had been expected to be finished by Thanksgiving Break, at the beginning of the second trimester. However, the plan has recently changed: unforeseen construction delays mean the Main Street location will not open until January. Thus, Northwood has created a fourth schedule to allow students to use their school days more efficiently.

The new schedule will be similar to the original winter schedule in that classes will remain 55 minutes and begin post-lunch after extracurricular activities in the morning. Classes on Mondays will begin at 8:00 AM, just like in the current fall schedule. Fridays will be squished days, as usual, but this year, with 40-minute classes rather than 35-minute classes like last year. The biggest difference between the new and original schedules is the passing period. Taking into account the time to transport students to and from the Hub, the original schedule includes 15-minute passing periods in between classes. In the new schedule, as in the fall schedule, students will have five minutes to get to their next classes.

In January, once the Innovation Hub is up and running, we will switch to the winter schedule that was originally planned for after Thanksgiving Break.


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