New Door Security Makes School Safer

Safety is a top priority at Northwood School. This year, Northwood has set up a security system on all the entrances of the school buildings and dorm halls.

All students and faculty now have small stickers, called fobs, on the back of their phones, which give them access to the buildings on campus. This system ensures that those who do not have permission to be inside school buildings cannot get in. Exterior doors to all school buildings are locked or access to them is restricted by electronic fob entry.

Most students understand the importance of campus security, but there have been mixed feelings about the new fob system. Many students find it a hassle to use fobs at every entrance of the school. Another struggle is that they have to carry their phones all the time to get into buildings. Some say that this goes against a school policy of no phones in common areas, as the system encourages them to bring their phones everywhere they go.

Despite the disagreement, it is undeniable that fobs will allow the Northwood community to stay safer.


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