Northwood to Adopt Block Schedule Next School Year

Most colleges students have classes that last about an hour and meet fewer than five times per week. Next year, so will Northwood School students.

Beginning in the 2019-2020 academic school year, the class schedule will shift from every class meeting every day for forty minutes with five minutes of passing time between periods to five of seven classes meeting each day, for fifty-five minutes and with fifteen minutes of passing time between periods. The longer passing time in the new schedule will allow for shuttles to transport students between the classroom buildings on campus and Northwood on Main, which will open in the fall.



The New Block Schedule of Classes will begin next school year. Underclass students will try out the new schedule later this spring.


The academic day will start at 7:55 and end at 2:50 and will include a dedicated time at 10:40 am for “Community Meetings,” which on some days will be school meeting and other days would include advisory, class, and club meetings at 10:40. Additionally, there will be designated shuttle runs to the classes that will be taught at Northwood School on Main and two flex periods.

keep-calm-new-schedule-coming-soonThe new schedule was announced by Mr. Jamie Welsh at a recent school meeting. Welsh is part of a faculty committee that worked on the new schedule. Welsh also explained that between December and April, classes will continue to be held in the afternoon. During the winter months. athletics will still meet in the mornings and classes in the evenings.

Underclass students will have an opportunity to give the new schedule a try. The school will run a trial of the new block schedule after LEAP and before final exams. Students will have many opportunities to offer feedback and suggestions on the new schedule during the trial.

More information about the trial will be shared by Dr. Laura Finnerty Paul in the coming weeks.


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