Injury a Part of Life for Student-Athletes

Injuries occur often at Northwood, where the majority of the school population are student-athletes. You probably noticed a lot of crutches, slings, and casts around campus as we are at the height of the hockey and ski seasons. But have there been more injuries this year than in the previous years?

Broken Ankle

“We get injuries every year. But I think with the addition of the soccer team, meaning 40 new elite athletes, I’ve seen a few more injuries than in the past,” explained Mr. Andy Donatello, Northwood’s Athletic Trainer.

It can be concerning when the audience in the stands or on the sidelines falls silent for the player that’s down. Yet, with the help of Mr. Donatello and students at Northwood, injured athletes tend to make quick recoveries. “I love this age group. They heal fast, they’re super-motivated, and they listen,” said Mr. Donatello.

He further added, “When I see a student who I’ve been working with for days or even months return to the ice or the field, it’s very rewarding.”

As the entire school community roots for injured athletes, coming back from an injury is bound to happen.


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