Humans of Northwood: Him Sum Wong ’20


I am Him Sum Wong, and I’m from Hong Kong. I play center midfield for Black Rock FC. My favorite thing about Northwood is the campus because it’s rather small, which makes it very convenient for me to get from place to place. Walking from the dining hall to the gym takes less than a minute Other than school and soccer, I love to relax in my room and watch either Netflix or NBA basketball.  My favorite school subject this year has been Geology because it’s very interesting to learn. I also like that I take that class with a lot of other soccer players. After living in America for half a school year now, I feel like the biggest difference between the United States and Hong Kong is that Hong Kong always feels busy, whereas America feels a lot more laid back and calmer. While this type of lifestyle certainly feels different, America is still slowly beginning to feel like home to me.

As told to Kyle Bavis ’19


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