Humans of Northwood: Lexi Hooper ’20


Lexi Hooper ’20 (Photo: Karli Lafferty ’19)

I am Lexi, and I’m from Charlotte, North Carolina. This is my third year at Northwood. I am known for eating applesauce between periods of my hockey games. Before coming to Northwood, I played on the Pittsburgh Penguins Elite, and I billeted with a teammate in Pennsylvania for the year. Even though I am the only person in my family to play ice hockey, my siblings and parents have been really supportive. One of my older sisters was born with no eyes or a nose, and my other sister is a preacher. I guess you could say my family is far from normal. After Northwood, I hope to attend college for pre-medicine and then go to medical school to become a surgeon, but my plans may change.

As told to Miranda Bookman


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