Humans of Northwood: Cisco DelliQuadri ’20


Cisco DelliQuadri ‘20 on Mountain Day in 2018 (Photo: Kevin Quinn ‘19).

I was born and raised in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I grew up skiing, kayaking, biking, and just being outside all the time. I got to live in Germany when I was in eighth grade. My mom grew up in Germany, so it was cool to be able to live with her side of the family instead of my dad’s like we do here in the U.S. It was a good experience to learn German at a school where I didn’t get graded or have homework. I came to Northwood as a sophomore last year. My dad got a job as the new ski coach, and I wanted to play elite level hockey, so everything worked out perfectly. I play forward in hockey. I rock climb and telemark ski as well. One of my favorite parts about Northwood is that I’m able to spend time outside climbing and skiing, while I can also play hockey at a high level. A lot of other schools wouldn’t allow me to do that.  My goal for the future is to play Division 1 hockey or even Division 3 if that’s more realistic. When I’m older, I want to get a job outside. I want to live in a van, travel the world, and see where life takes me.

As told to Kevin Quinn ’19


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