Humans of Northwood: Rachel Rosner ’20

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Rachel Rosner ’20 (Photo provided)

My name is Rachel Rosner. I’m a junior and a day student. I’m originally from Carthage, NY, but I moved up to Lake Placid three years ago when I first came to Northwood. I repeated ninth grade at Northwood, but I think taking the extra year has really helped me prepare not only for college but also for the real world and life in general. It has also shaped me in a couple ways. Since Northwood is such a small community, I feel like everyone here is one big family. People have really encouraged me to come out of my shell, be more open, and express my beliefs.

I do a conglomerate of sports here. I rock climb, rec ski, and I actually started the equestrian team here at Northwood after two years of petitioning and driving my points home. The classes I’m taking this year are Honors Calculus, Honors Physics, AP Environmental Science, AP English Language, and Spanish IV/V. Everything is going really well so far, and I’m super excited to see what happens.


As told to Miranda Bookman ‘20


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