Humans of Northwood: Ava Day ’21


“I am enjoying both the athletic and academic sides to Northwood, and am learning a lot in both aspects. I am very happy. I really appreciate the community at Northwood, and even as a day student I always feel very included and welcome no matter what. I also enjoy my classes and ski training thus far. I don’t think I have anything negative to say about the school, and am truly happy here at Northwood. I have always enjoyed a challenge, and at Northwood my academics are full of them; however, I am learning an amazing amount of new information, and at a different level of understanding than ever before. I am pleased with all of my classes and hope to keep enjoying them. Exams, as always, were stressful and I am glad they are over. Thanks to a large amount of studying I felt confident about all of my exams and hope the grades turn out as I would like them to. I’m not sure I can pick a specific part of Northwood that I enjoy the most. Out of all the aspects of the school, whether that is the academic, athletic, or social, they each contribute to my happiness here at Northwood.”

As told to Sam DiBitetto ‘18


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