Checking in With Ninth Grader Adelia Castillo

“I think Northwood is a fun school with many opportunities for me to try new things. I like that I am being pushed out of my comfort zone here. For the first time, I went rock climbing and do it regularly now. I don’t like the fact that the school is mainly winter sports focused, meaning there’s a lot of effort into making the sports run smoothly, but not the same for sports like cross country. I wouldn’t say school is hard. But it’s definitely challenging at times. I find geometry a bit difficult but that’s about it. Exams went great. I was well prepared with the study guides that were provided by the teachers. My favorite part of Northwood would have to be the teachers. They are always there and extremely helpful. Especially being a boarder, the teachers are like family.”

As told to Sam DiBitetto ‘18


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