Plattsburgh-Bound Seniors Hope to Continue Dynasty

Three senior hockey players have announced their plans to attend SUNY Plattsburgh and play for the most dominant team in Division III hockey. The Cardinals have won a total of six NCAA Division III women’s ice hockey championships, seven ECAC Women’s West Championship titles, and have won at least 20 games in each of the past fifteen seasons. It’s one of the most impressive dynasties in the history of college hockey.

According to the blog D3 Recruiting Hub, at the Division III level, “committing” is an informal and non-binding statement by the student-athlete that she intends to apply and, if admitted, matriculate at the college and participate in intercollegiate athletics. Committing does not guarantee admission to the college nor does it guarantee playing time.

Ashley Davis, Hanna Rose, and Sierra Benjamin have chosen SUNY Plattsburgh, the hockey power and small state school an hour from Lake Placid on Lake Champlain. The Mirror staff writer Courtney Fairchild ’20 sat down with the trio to ask them a few questions about being committed to a college, and what it’s like to do so with some close friends at their side.


From left to right, goalie Ashley Davis and defenders Sierra Benjamin and Hanna Rose, each class of 2018 and each headed to SUNY Plattsburgh.

The Mirror: Now that you have been recruited and you’re officially committed to a college, are you more or less stressed about the rest of this year and next year?

Hanna: Completely less stressed.

Ashley: I’d say less stressed about this year, but next year there are big shoes to fill on all sides of the game.

Hanna: I think I can focus more on academics now, which is definitely a good aspect and just not have to worry about coaches in the stands and I can just play my game and have fun.

Sierra: I don’t know, I’m a little stressed. I’m still stressed ‘cause I need to get into the school.

Hanna: Well, yeah, we all still have to get accepted.

Sierra: Once I get accepted I’ll be. But, yeah, now that I’ve found a school I’m like… I’m chillin’.

The Mirror: Does it make it easier that you’re all going in together?

Hanna: Yes.

Ashley: Yeah.

Sierra: Yeah, so much easier. ‘Cause we won’t be the weird awkward people who don’t talk, like y’know the first day of school, or first couple weeks, when you’re weird and awkward. Especially Ashley, she woulda been a weirdo.

All: *Laughter*

Hanna: It’s not like we’re all gonna stay together, but if I need something I have friends I can go to who I know have my back.

The Mirror: So in terms of the new team how do you feel about a group of Northwood kids going into a new college team?

Hanna: I think they’re going to be worried about us “cliqueing,” but we know how to make friends easily. We’re not those awkward people. We are an outgoing bunch. I definitely think we’ll also be with Macy Hoskins [Northwood class of 2015] who also came from Northwood what… 2, 3 years ago?

Ashley: 3 years ago, she was there me and Sierra’s freshman year, she was a senior.

Hanna: I think we’ll be able to do just fine.

The Mirror: Do you think that the step up from high school to college hockey is going to be a big deal or is it going to feel very similar?

Hanna: I definitely think it’s going to be a faster and more physical pace, but I think we already step up to that now when we play higher teams, like when we played Cambridge and when we played St. Mary’s. It’s obviously not the same, but I think we’ll definitely…

Sierra: It’ll take some time.

Hanna: Yeah, I think we’ll be fine, It’ll take some time to get used to it, but we’ll probably fit right in. Hopefully.

The Mirror: Did the fact that the others where going to Plattsburgh influence any of your decisions?

Hanna: I committed and applied back in August [before the other two were serious about Plattsburgh].

Sierra: Yeah, she was first

Ashley: I mean, it was definitely something to think about, but it wasn’t a primary reason.

Hanna: It’s like a bonus.

Ashley: Yeah, exactly.

Sierra: Like a bonus.

Ashley: I mean, it’s cool to go in with… like, Sierra and I are going to have known each other for eight years, Rosie six. That’s a long time to be together with people.

The Mirror: If you were the only person going, would you still go there?

Sierra: Yeah.

Ashley: Yeah.

Hanna: For sure.


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