Spring Sports Bring Athletic and Social Opportunities

Spring at Northwood is a time for change and adjustment for students. They have a new class schedule, and new sports. It’s around the time where winter sports such as hockey and skiing come to end and spring sports start up. There are a wide variety of spring sport offerings at Northwood, including Tennis, Lacrosse, Whitewater Kayaking, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, and Golf.

Many students have stuck with a spring sport throughout their time at Northwood, while other students have changed sports. Viljami Kanerva ‘17 went from playing golf last year to playing tennis this year. He said, “it’s good chance for me to try something new, and I’m looking forward to the opportunity”.

There have also been many new students who have made an immediate impact with their spring teams, include Elias Fleischman ‘20 and Patrick Callahan ‘18, who helped carry the lacrosse team to a recent win at Plattsburgh by a score of 9-4.

The tennis team is looking forward to a big year. Second year veteran John Biechler ‘19 said, “This year is a big year for us, and for me as an individual it’s important to start strong.”

Golf is another sport at Northwood that has been getting more popular each year. Veteran golfers Jack Dugan ‘17 and Palmer Feinberg ‘17 are returning, but newcomer Jesper Peltonen ‘17 is hoping to make an immediate impact.

Whitewater Kayaking is a unique sport here at Northwood that has attracted many students in the last couple years. One new student that has joined is Finlay Ulrick ‘19. He said, “It’s something new to me and I hope I will enjoy it.”

These are just some examples of the spring sports that students are trying at Northwood. It may not be their number one sport, but it’s a good chance to meet other students in the school by sharing interests and also trying something new.


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