Letter: Article About Outdoor Skating Rink Brings Back Memories

To the Editor:

lteWhat a delight it was to read this article (“Outdoor Skating Rink on Campus“). It takes me back to the House Party of 1960 which was held in February. I was the head of the house party that year and I decided to use the old rink behind the gym. With a few volunteers, we managed to spray enough water onto the surface to be able to skate for a couple of days during the party. If you look at the photos of the party in the 1960 Epitome, you will see the results….I think, as I don’t have the book with me at the moment. I think that was the last time it was ever used as a rink but am not sure.

On another note, could you please have a “letters to the editor” column on site? It would be wonderful to see what other alumni are thinking. Glad to see The Mirror back.

– Mr. Barton Green ’60

Ed. Note: Thanks for the suggestion, Mr. Green. We’ve added a Letters to the Editor section, and yours is the first letter in The Mirror.


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