The Live Music Scene in Lake Placid


Paul DesLauriers & Anwar Khurshid recently played at Bluseed Studio in Saranac Lake

Even though it can be difficult for Northwood School students to see live music in the Lake Placid region, there are some venues accessible to students. In New York, you must be 21 years old to be admitted to bars, so even those seniors or PGs who are used to seeing live music as 18 or 19 year-olds are often out of luck.

Because Lake Placid is a tourist region, there are a number of good venues for small performers.  Many such venues are in breweries or small restaurants, which are available to students on weekends.  Despite the number and quality of the venues in Lake Placid, there seems to be a dearth of actual performers in the area or even traveling through; however, the musicians and performers who do play shows around here can be fascinating and worth seeing.

Towards the end of September, Paul DesLauriers & Anwar Khurshid played together at Bluseed Studio in Saranac Lake, Paul DesLauriers is a talented blues guitar player, while Anwar Khurshid plays the sitar, a traditional Indian instrument, which makes for a very interesting fusion of traditional eastern and western music.  Later on in October, Bluseed will also start its open mic series “open minded mic.”

Delta Blue in Lake Placid also has open mics every Wednesday, along with a number of other live performances. Most of the live music performers seem to play folk and blues but ranges also to jazz and apparently 17th century guitar pieces.

Many of the performers who come through this area are very talented and well worth seeing.


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