“Marty” from a Student’s Eyes


“Marty” (Photo provided)

Jeff Martin strolls, head up, into the disorganized robotics room. His eyes look like blue fireworks, and the sparks trace lines that continue radially out the corners of his eyes and towards where his sideburns seamlessly meet his hair. From just above his nostrils to the ends of his mouth, two more lines cross his partially blond beard. He hurriedly takes in the workshop as my classmates ask him where their wrench went or if that motor sounds right. After a moment of indecision, he heads to the nearest table, bending over to let constantly revised words out of his skeptical smile. His navy polo shirt with white stripes down the sides, combined with comfortable, pleatless dark khakis and a brown belt, fits his round tech-support figure. He finally comes to my workbench. After he remembers that my partner and I have only put together a couple wheels, we ask him what happened to our ball bearings. The skeptical smile returns. They were on the table all along.

– Contributed by Isaac Newcomb ’19


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