The Mirror’s (Short) Year-in-Review


Editor-in-Chief Nikita Tafazoli ’16

The Mirror, Northwood School’s student-led newspaper, was relaunched in November by editor-in-chief Nikita Tafazoli ’16. The Mirror has only had two monthly editions in its new format, but the paper has been getting a lot of attention.

By far the most popular article has been Dillon Smith’s story about Northwood’s recent acquisition of two properties. The Mirror beat all other news outlets to the story, and Dillon’s piece was shared widely on Facebook.

It’s the season of year-end lists. Here’s a list of The Mirror‘s most-read stories and contributors:

Northwood Life
Northwood Acquires Two Million-Dollar Lake Placid Properties
Bare Boy Ankles: The New Fashion Trend
The Transition From NSA to Northwood

Dress Code at Breakfast
Senior Privileges Acknowledge Maturity of Older Students
On Curiosity

Faculty Alumni Share “Eddy Stories”
Mr. Maher: The Interim Report
Nemec’s Iconically Untucked Yellow Shirt

Real World
Defying the Stereotype
Many Women Live a Nightmare Every Day
Bill McKibben Talk Hits Home

Junior Team Shows Promise
A Look at the Kåbdalis Training Camp
Becket Ledger ’17 Shows You What it’s Like to Ski Jump

Dillon Smith ’16
Maris Van Slyke ’16
Nikita Tafazoli ’16


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