Oil’s Role in the Canadian Economy

Riding Overwhelming Support from Faculty, Sanders Wins Northwood Mock Primary

Today, Northwood hosted their first primary mock election. We had a 50.85% turnout. Here are the initial results:

Bernie Sanders

Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., speaks during a town hall meeting at Nashua Community College in Nashua, N.H., Saturday, June 27, 2015. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

Bernie Sanders won with 38.33%

Donald Trump: 21.66%

Hilary Clinton: 10.83%

Jeb Bush: 6.66%

Ben Carson: 6.66%

Marco Rubio: 5.82%

John Kasich: 3.32%

Ted Cruz: 2.5%

Chris Christie: 2.5%

Jim Gilmore: 1.66%

Carly Fiorina: 0.82%

The Northwood Statistics class is currently tabulating results. A full report of the election breakdown will appear here in the coming days.

Bare Boy Ankles: The New Fashion Trend

European fashion has plagued Northwood. Greatly known for their put-together appearance, Europeans have migrated to Northwood School. Along with them they have brought their fashion sense. Exposed ankles may be a good look in Europe, but at Northwood it seems to be going the opposite direction.  The fusion of American and European fashion has brought a new culture of exposed ankles paired with Crocs. As fall turns into winter, the weather becomes nearly unbearable. Exposed ankles will lead to unfortunate cases of frostbite and sickness. Here are a few guys who have incorporated bare ankles into their everyday lives. Can you match their ankles to their face?

Honor System Emphasizes Personal and Academic Honesty

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 4.58.53 PMOne of the most important aspects of Northwood School is the idea that student exhibits both personal and academic honesty. In order for this to happen, students must read and acknowledge the Honor System and accept all its tenants and responsibilities.

This Honor Code was developed by the Headmaster’s Council with the understanding that a school’s student culture is the result of the actions of the students themselves, as it is their duty to exhibit the core values in their own lives.

honor code

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We Want You… To Write for the Mirror

We Want You

Photo: via Wikimedia Commons

The Northwood Mirror is looking to expand its staff. All those zealous about writing are invited to email me at nikita.tafazoli@northwoodschool.com. Specific writers are especially needed to write a recap on each game they play. This encompasses, skiers, male and female hockey players from all teams. If you love your sport and want to report on it, here’s your chance!

Deception, Profit and Polution at Volkswagen

VW clean diesel

Lateral view VW Golf TDI “clean diesel” at the 2010 Washington Auto Show. Photo by Creative Commons.

In a corporate world driven by profit omnino gratuita; the line between ethics, responsibility and success is a thin one to tread indeed. Volkswagen was a recent embodiment of this balancing act as it was revealed that the corporation had duped emission testing on all of their post 2009 diesel fueled vehicles. How one may ask?

The car manufacturer had engineered their vehicles to detect when they were being tested for emissions and thus function at a level that would conform to EU and North American emission laws. The shockwave of this news extends far and wide, touching a great many aspects of society. For one, the IRS can claim tax credits given to buyers, many countries may have a legal case when it comes to fraud and pollution and even medical costs; not to mention the consumers who were mislead into buying something they may have deemed was beneficial to society. This turbulence is further reflected in the VW stock price that dropped over 12% overnight after the emergence of the news. [Read more…]

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