Playlists: What Northwood Student-Athletes Are Listening To

Students from Northwood listen to a variety of songs while working out, practicing, or preparing for games and competitions. Here are some of their playlists. Warning: some songs have explicit content.


The girls’ hockey team listens to a lot of rap, pop, or 2000s songs. They like upbeat, fun songs to get them ready to play. Before a game, they listen to their pregame songs to get them going.


Both the boys’ Prep and Varsity hockey teams listen to a lot of country and have recently been listening to Morgan Wallen’s new album, along with some rap or pop songs. They like to listen to country because it has a good vibe, and they can sing along or chill out.


The soccer team enjoys Spanish music, which according to Nico Cedeno ’24, “is the best music ever.” Spanish music has a good vibe and gets the soccer boys in the mood to play


The Alpine ski girls listen to a variety of music, including country, rap, pop, or throwbacks. They like upbeat songs that put them in a good mood.

The Alpine ski boys like to listen to Hardstyle and 90s rock. They like this in the gym and on the hill. They enjoy songs that are really loud and high-pitched to keep them energized while training or racing.


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