Dorm Room Tour: Ceddy ’24 and Mitch ’25

Welcome to the room of Mitchell Baker ‘25, of Australia, and Cedric Lemaire ‘24, of Massachusetts. These students are part of the Soccer team, with Cedric, who goes by the name of Ceddy, being on the U19 team and Mitchell, who goes by Mitch, being on the U17 team. Their dorm is located on the second floor of Bergamini dormitory.

Cedric Lemaire ’25 enjoys some tea in his dorm room during a recent study hall (Photo: Mr. John Spear).

Their room has an interesting mix of personalities, with Mitch having a more simplistic design and Ceddy having a more creative style. Ceddy’s side consists of records on the wall with posters and fairy lights that he thrifted. Ceddy’s desk consists of a rock lamp, an hourglass, and a monitor with his Xbox connected, which he uses to wind down in his free time. On the desk, you can see that Ceddy likes to enjoy Yerba Mate, something that he says has now become a hobby for him.

Ceddy’s desk (Photo: AJ Etumnu ’25)

On Mitch’s side is a giant Australian flag. “The flag means a lot to me because it was a big move for me to move from Australia to here, and every day waking up and looking at the flag is like free motivation and reminds me of where I come from and why I am here at Northwood. It also gives me that home feeling whenever I feel a little homesick.

An Australian flag hangs above Mitch’s bed (Photo: AJ Etumnu ’25).

Ceddy also has a special something on the wall, a handmade bag from his brother, who is a designer in New York. He says the bag holds a lot of sentimental value.

Ceddy’s brother made this bag (Photo: AJ Etumnu ’25).



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