Humans at Northwood: Mariema Thioubou ‘23 

“I come from a multicultural background as my parents are from Dakar, Senegal and speak Wolof and French. Growing up, I was fortunate to learn Wolof from my parents, and it has become one of my favorite languages. I’m 17 and live and live in New York City with my older sister, mom, and dad.

“I went to Mott Hall 3, a middle school just a few blocks away from where I live. During that time, I played tennis and fell in love with the sport. One of my fondest memories was going to Central Park with my mom and sister for picnics. My favorite class in school is art because it allows me to express myself creatively and explore my artistic abilities. In addition, I have a passion for skiing, especially at Whiteface, even though I’m not the biggest fan of negative temperatures. ”

As told to AJ Etumnu, Jr. ’25. Photo by Mr. Michael Aldridge.


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