Valentine’s Dance at Hub a Hit

Northwood School had a packed and unique Valentine’s Day this year. The evening began with a traditional formal dinner, but with a twist: the teachers served as waiters! The students enjoyed several different entrees the talented kitchen staff prepared and finished the dinner with French macarons for dessert.

After dinner, the students gathered around the living room, waiting for the buses to take them to the Hub for a Valentine’s Day dance. It was the first such event at the Hub since it opened in February 2020. Senior party planner Junior Happi organized the Valentine’s Day dance. His goal was to “improve the social dynamic of Northwood School.” Noah Leddel, another senior, was also a huge contributor to the Valentine’s Day dance as the DJ, and he kept the party bouncing.

The ground floor of the Hub was used as the dance floor, and the upper floor was used for a movie night. The dance gave students an opportunity to have a normal high school experience by going to a dance party. It was also an excellent way to introduce these sorts of parties to international students and give them a taste of what the United States has to offer.

Overall, the Valentine’s Day dance party was a success; it included the usual party anthems, some old classics, and most importantly, some slow dancing that mostly all the students took part in.

Thebe Mosehathebe ’23 described the night as one of his most enjoyable nights in the four years that he’s been at Northwood. He feels that all the sports teams are starting to mix a lot more with these social events being thrown.

“I hope these parties keep getting thrown as it is gives me something to look forward to and enjoy beyond school and soccer,” Mitchell Baker ’25 said.

Junior Happi looks to keep his title as the school’s designated party planner, promising to continue to plan enjoyable events for all students of the school. This mini-party was also a little taste of what’s to come later in the year when Northwood prom arrives: it’s safe to say the students will be more than excited for that.


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