Humans of Northwood: Landon Cole ’23

Growing up, I had to move a lot for my dad’s work. I lived in Germany, Canada, and around the United States. Raleigh, North Carolina, is my place to be, but I have enjoyed the experiences of living around the country and the world. I chose Northwood for a couple of reasons. My dad had great recommendations for the school, some of my family lives close by in northern New York, and I have also had family members attend the school in the past. I found a deep sense of home within the Northwood community, especially with my teammates. I have made lifelong friendships with most of the guys on my hockey team and throughout the school.

Looking up to my dad, I have found a love for hockey growing up so close to the sport. I appreciate all the relationships I have built from hockey; it is something I will always cherish. It is my number one focus from fall to spring, and I can’t get enough of it. In the spring, however, I love playing golf, especially finding serenity on the course. I enjoy spending time with the people close to me, like my friends and family.

I always look forward to sunny days on Lake Gaston during the summer. Near my home in Raleigh, we have a lake house where I spend most of my summer days on the water jet skiing, boating, and tubing. It is a place I hold close to my heart.

I’m looking forward to a great senior year ahead of me. I hope to continue my hockey career in juniors next year.

As told to Jackson Smith ’23. Photo by Mr. Michael Aldridge.


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