Humans of Northwood: Anthony Sparo ‘23

“I am actually color blind – partial color blindness – mostly blues, purples, and violets. It’s pretty much 50/50; if you give me blue or purple, I will answer ‘… let’s go with purple.?’

“I’m from Bensalem, Pennsylvania, about 25 minutes outside of Philadelphia. I have a younger sister. I live in a very populated area, on a street where all the houses are connected. In my middle school days, I would always go out with the kids on the street, ride bikes, and then when it got dark, my dad would whistle, and we would come back in because you can hear it from anywhere on the street. It was so loud.

“My friend went here right before I came here and then left right after. His name was Andrew Centrella. He and I played [hockey] together our whole life; we were family friends. His dad liked how I played, so he reached out to Coach, and he ended up wanting me to come here. One thing I never told anyone: due to COVID, when I moved in last year, it was the first time I had ever stepped foot on campus.

“So far, I kind of like it [this year]. I take 3D Modeling, it’s probably my favorite class—so fun. Right now, I’m printing a Vince Lombardi trophy with the [Philadelphia] Eagles logo on it. I also take Adirondack Sciences, Data Science, and From Word to Essay. I am taking the next step in hockey, getting some college looks.

“I like fishing. I used to fish all the time when I was little, but I haven’t recently—a lot of traveling. Golf. I got into golf this spring; we played once a week with all my buddies.

“I want to play college hockey, go to a military academy, and pursue law after my service. It kind of happened recently. Over the summer, I visited campus, and I was like “Wow, I could see myself doing this.

“Hockey-wise, there’s a lot of new kids on the team, and at least by them, I want to be remembered as the guy that treated them like we’ve been friends forever: open arms, welcomed them in. I get what they went through last year, being homesick and all. For them, I wanted to be a bigger figure—a role model.”

As told to Hung Nguyen ’25. Photo by Mr. Michael Aldridge.


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