CARE Hopes to Continue Legacy of Service 

CARE is the longest-running active student club at Northwood. CARE is Northwood’s community service group. The club works on tying the outside community into Northwood. Often the group gathers small fundraisers within the school that benefits needy local organizations or causes. CARE also works to organize small fun events within the school. Some examples of CARE projects include food drives, candy grams, and Pink the Rink.  

I had the opportunity to interview longtime former CARE faculty advisor Mrs. Annie Edwards. She led the group for over 20 years. She helped oversee and create quite a few school-wide events organized for the students to participate in, and the money raised was given back to local and national charities. A few examples include Lee Denim Day, North Elba Christmas Fund, Fleece Blankets for Elders, Pink the Rink, Food Pantry, and Candy Grams.  

Lee Denim day is a day where students can donate a small amount of money to dress in jeans for the day, and the money goes to a cancer charity. Pink the Rink is an engaging hockey fundraiser where teams of about 4 students pay to compete in a 3-on-3 hockey tournament, which ended up raising about $4,000 dollars for breast cancer research. Candy Grams is more of a fun fundraiser where students can buy small candy bags or flowers to send to a friend around Halloween and Valentine’s Day, the proceeds for this don’t have distinct placement and each year go to different charities.  

The group is led by passionate hard-working high schoolers who work to engage the Northwood Community with a more global society. Past leaders have made great strides to improve the school community and this year Brian Brady ‘24 and I hope to carry on this legacy.  

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