Students Have Varied Plans for Break 

This year, the school’s annual spring break is set to begin today, on Friday, April 8th. This period, consisting of nearly two and a half weeks of recess, is one of the most anticipated stretches of the year for many of the students at Northwood. This year’s spring break is the latest the school has seen in recent memory. With many different types of people and backgrounds at the school, there are a lot of different agendas for break from person to person. Here are a few different students and what their plans for spring break are. 

Many students are taking the time off and using it for some much-needed rest, and a chance to go on vacation. “I’m going on vacation to the Caribbean this spring break,” Jacob Jaslow ‘23 said. “I’m excited to get out of the cold and into the warmth. Maybe tan a little bit. Who knows?” 

For others, it is a much simpler matter. Many are content with being able to go home and spend time with those close to them, like Shashwath Sunkum ‘22. “I’m just going to be staying in Ohio, chilling with family, studying for APs.” 

Members of the soccer team still have commitments during break. Gonzalo Munoz ‘24 will be spending his first week of break with the team, as they head to Texas for the Dallas Cup. However, after that, Gonzalo has plans for his time off.   

“We are going [to Dallas] from the 8th to the 18th, so we will have a week left personally,” Munoz said. “I will go to Miami, to a friend’s house.” 

Speaking of commitments, two members of the Boys’ Varsity Hockey Team, Sam Lyne ‘24 and Ben Norton ‘22 are representing Great Britian’s U18 National team, as they attend the Division 2A World Championships in Tallinn, Estonia, during the front end of break. After they get finished, Lyne plans to return home.  

“I am going home after my World Championships and spending time with my family and friends,” Lyne said. 

With many different agendas for students this break, a common theme seems to be rest and relaxation. Students are ready to enjoy the time off in whatever way they are able to. 


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