Northwood’s Playlist: March 2022

Original Illustration by Julia Turner ’23. More by Julia on Instagram @blixd_eyed.

According to psychologists from, “…we listen to certain songs again and again because they generate a kind of addiction. When we like a song or link it to some positive experience, it activates the reward system in our brain by releasing dopamine. Since that song makes us feel good and generates a pleasant feeling of comfort, it is normal that we want to listen to it again and again.” 

The Mirror wanted to know what songs students were listening to that make them happy. This playlist (Apple Music | Spotify) represents Northwood students when they are most happy. We spoke with fifteen students, and this is what they told us.  

Peppi DelliQuadri ‘22

The song Homecoming makes me happy because the beat is uplifting and pumps me up.”

Sam Lyne ’24

“This song gets me motivated to get things done. The message of the song is to live your life to the fullest and to not listen to people who tell you can’t do something.”

Nori Fitzsimmons ‘24

“It makes me feel full of serotonin and euphoric, and it reminds me of the time I started listening to it: car rides with my friends.”

Abigail Sinclair ‘23

“It reminds me of my childhood. The lyric, ‘and the butterflies fly away’ remind me to not be as nervous.” 

Brady Hildreth ‘22

“This song calms me down and takes away the stress of school work and anything else that is going on in life.”

Gus Garvey ‘25

“This song a reminder of going on long road trips with my family. I remember that song playing when we arrived in Old Forge. I associate it with a sense of optimism and anticipation.”

Katie Demers ‘24

”They lyric, “Don’t wanna think about her, or wear a ring without her” makes me feel that everyone has a person, and it might always not be the person you expect it to be and at the beginning it’s hard to realize this.

The lyric, “And see the world through whiskey glasses, and I need a better view, where I don’t drink to you” makes me feel that moving on is hard, but without moving on you’re just going to keep reliving the same events.” 

Matt Brady ‘22

Trademark USA makes me happy because I associate it with good memories.”

Maisie Crane ‘23

“The song is really good, and I like the artist. It is my current favorite song from Tame Impala.” 

Jackson Smith ‘23

“I enjoy Pursuit of Happiness because it reminds me of summer nights driving around with the boys and not a care in the world.”

Leah DeFilippo ‘22

“This is a good song to work out to. I find the lyrics funny.”

Cilla Nee ‘22

“I really like this song because I associate it with positive memories, and it is by far my favorite band.”

Caroline Purcell ’24

“This song makes me think of summer and the memories I made, makes me feel happy and puts me in a good mood.”

Hillary Larsen ‘22

“This song reminds me of my childhood and I like the guitar.” 

Kate Broderick ‘22

My sister and I listen to this song a lot when we’re driving together, and it’s always been fun to sing along to.” 




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